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Blue Ocean Management is holding of 12 business units with strong commercial acumen. There is direct sales provider, call centrum service provider, sales delivery service provider, an energy trading service provider and edutech startup to name just a few.

We’d like to present the case study based on our work with the direct sales business unit although we worked to a certain extent with all of the business units over the years.

The business model of this business unit is based on forging partnerships with scalable service providers and using highly effective sales workforce to distribute partners’ services into the market.


The grow-favourable market conditions led to a significant decrease in the unemployment rate. This introduced several challenges with direct impact on the profitability and long-term viability of the business model.

Decrease of applicant quantity, an increase of applicant financial expectation, a decrease of persistence and willingness to make it to the end of the training programme and overall changes in millennials mentality – to name just a few.


We assess the situation and come up with a sustainable general strategy designed to mitigate the majority of the challenging factors.

We redesigned the employers’ brand, established a content strategy and set up internal practise able to execute advertising campaigns focused on building brand awareness, rising applicants interest and effectively executing the hiring process in a digital age.

We’ve also adjusted the carrier system, helped to design work environment, policies and integrate moral and productive values that were more aligned with the expectation of the new generation.

I’d recommend EB to any business owner who faces a complex challenge. Our cooperation was insightful, effective and it made our business model viable again.

―Martin Kadlec
Managing Partner at BOM


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